John's First Business

Teaching Nutrition Class

With a wide and varied background, John is a metaphorical swiss army knife of skills -- an accomplished chef, nutritionist, athlete, computer consultant, mechanic, and general technology guru.

He has served as head chef for a personal growth center, catered health related events and dinners across the county, taught food preparation classes, was featured on Robin Claire's Public Radio show Tributaries, and on local NBC TV news.

John has a keen interest in mechanical devices, electronics, and computers. At age 5, he began learning from his father, a gifted electronics engineer, who would design the circuitry for various devices -- such as radios and musical keyboards -- which John then assembled with semi-conductors, wire and solder. At 20, John opened a very successful electronics service business. Shortly afterward, he began to study computers, IT, and began doing computer consulting.

In addition to John's early education in technology, he also was influenced by being raised on an organic farm. He developed a deep appreciation for food fresh from the earth, which sparked a passion to study health and nutrition. He read many books, traveled the country attending workshops and seminars, and consulted with experts.

John's other interests include personal growth, open communication, environmental sustainability, ecological economics, biology, anthropology, web development, and studying what ever he has a thirst for in the moment. In his leisure time, John enjoys running, hiking in nature, repairing cars, watching films and PBS documentaries, and preparing special meals for his friends.

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